Messeage from Prof. Yokoya

There are many kinds of useful materials for human being, and they are sometimes called 'functional materials.' However, the question "why does this material show this functionality?" is not known for many functional materials. It is very important to understand the origin of functionalities, especially to develop higher-quality or highly-functional materials. In our group, we are working on experimental research to uncover the mystery underlying functional materials.

Our laboratory is characterized by the collaboration between professionals of photoemission spectroscopy and of solid state chemistry, and we often give feedback to each other in our daily research activities. In this way, we aim to look at experimental results from different points of view and to find a new direction.

Recently, we have just started up a state-or-the-art ultra-high resolution photoemission spectrometer as well as PLD or CVD apparatuses, by which we can work on cutting-edge research. In addition, we often perform experiments at SPring-8, Photon Factory, HiSOR, or ISSP, The University of Tokyo. We are willing to visit overseas facilities.

We value individual initiative on research and are willing to give opportunities to highly-motivated students. Moreover, our departments at Okayama University have a homelike atmosphere, and collaborative projects often take place. We welcome anyone who wants to work on the cutting-edge research of condensed matter physics.

Messeage from Prof. Muraoka

In our laboratory, we are making on the synthesis of interesting, useful materials. We have projects for undergraduate students, and most of which requires various techniques in solid-state chemistry. From these projects, we want them to absord many things from solid-state chemistry, solid-state physics, and experimental techniques. In graduate school, students are often engaged in evaluation techniques, especially photoemission spectroscopy. This technique helps us to understand the origin of various properties in solids and gives useful feedback to the process of material development. In addition, we consider that one of our missions is to educate independent researchers through our research projects.

We have seminars twice a week to get a better grasp ofquantum mechanics, solid state physics, or crystallography. Students are encouraged to attend, and they will be asked to give lectures to other members. Research in material science sometimes come with difficulty. In fact, trials will be rarely-successful. To overcome challenges that the future presents, you may want the assumptions of "I can do it", persistence, and optimism of "it will be fine." Don't get overwhelmed, then you will enjoy what you will do!

Although our research may require efforts and patience, it will be a lot of fun. We are looking forward to working with highly-motivated people, in the spirit of "no worry & no give up." Welcome all the challengers!

Messeage from students

Our lab has a cheerful atmosphere, and we enjoy every day research life. In the year of 2018, we have 1 Doctor course, 5 Master course students and 3 undergraduates. In our seminar, we discuss basic topics in physics or present individual research progress. As students are encouraged to ask questions, we often have active discussions. Moreover, we have various activities, such as Nomikai (drinking party) or sporting events.

In our lab, students should be the key players for research, with supports from professionals of ARPES and solid-state chemistry, thus we are free to propose reserach projects. It is possible for us to experimence the process of "make, measure, and think" through individual research project. When we find out something new, it makes us really really happy.

For research activities, we often travel around the world to perfomr experiments off campus or to attend academic conferences. Often times, we get to know people from other place (researchers, students from other universities, and so on).

Although research environment in our lab is pretty good, we think that enthusiasm of individuals is very important. Please feel free to visit our lab if you are interested.

We try to update our recent activities online. We hope that our information is somewhat helpful for those who visited our webpage.